Heartland man, two minors arrested for weapons trafficking

A Burlington man and two minor accomplices have been arrested for stealing weapons, including an AK-47 Assault rifle.

19-year-old Kaleb Branton is facing felony charges of Burglary and Weapons Trafficking.

The Des Moines County Sheriff’s Office began the investigation on May 14 after they received a report of burglary on 75th Avenue in Des Moines County.

This week’s robbery was tied to a string of similar robberies last fall. During the course of those incidents, several weapons were stolen, including an AK-47.

Law enforcement thought the incidents were connected in part because the victims were members of the same church and the burglaries happened during church services.

On Tuesday, two juvenile a suspects were arrested. The 17-year-old female and 17-year-old male eventually admitted to participating in the burglaries.

That led investigators to Branton, who admitted that he had either stolen the weapons himself, or in some cases, directed the juveniles to commit the crimes.

Sheriff’s deputies say that Branton sold some of the weapons and kept others for himself.

The juvenile male is facing a felony charge for Trafficking Weapons.

The juvenile female is charged with misdemeanor Burglary.

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