Heartland men honored for heroic actions

After stopping a man attacking his wife with an ax, Heartland heroes recognized by police chief. (KTVO:Riley Fannon)

I thought that she couldn’t take another hit but I at least could take one before the police arrived.

That’s what Truman State University student Jordan Lambay was thinking before he and his roommates put their own lives at risk to save a woman who may have been killed without their intervention.

Lambay and his two roommates, Gabriel Gowen and Tyler Preston, are being called heroes because of their actions that June evening.

They don’t see themselves as heroes, but rather just doing what was right.

I just thought it was necessary, that’s just kind of how my family raised us. If something’s happening you step in.

The three were awarded a citizens commendation Friday morning for their actions.

Kirksville Police Department Chief Jim Hughes says citizen commendations happen every year, but not for something of this magnitude.

The man they stopped was Alidor Masingo, 35, of Kirksville. Polis said he had repeatedly struck his wife with an ax after they had an argument inside their house.

Masingo and his wife had moved from inside their home out into the street in front of their house when the three men took their chance.

They were able to wrestle the ax away from Masingo and then pinned him to the ground until police arrived to arrest him.

Hughes said that without the action of these young men the victim, Jacquie Bakonga, may not have lived through her ordeal.

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