Heartland murder investigation prompts another

The results of the autopsy in a suspicious death investigation are back.

A separate investigation led authorities to believe that the 2000 death Celia Hammons of Novinger, Mo. was worth another look. At the time authorities presumed she died of natural causes so they did not perform an autopsy.

Adair County Prosecutor Mark Williams now confirms that interviews conducted during the Melvin Greisbauer murder investigation, prompted authorities to disinter Hammons. Her body was exhumed in March.

Investigators say Greisbauer was murdered on his property near Novinger in 2006. Two women are facing murder charges in that case. One of them is Kay Young, 53, Novinger. Young is Hammons TM daughter. She was married to Greisbauer.

Katherine Mock, 54, Cassville, Mo., is also charged. Both women plead not guilty in Adair County Circuit Court.

Since Hammons died six years before Greisbauer, evidence from her autopsy will not be used in that case.

Williams will not confirm whether or not the Hammons autopsy will be used to make a case against Young or Mock.

The prosecutor is not releasing many details about Hammons autopsy, but he did tell KTVO that the medical examiner was able to take fluid samples and return a toxicology report.

"Our next step is to meet with law enforcement over the findings. I [also] need to meet with the medical examiner to clarify some points of the autopsy. We'll then decide which path we'll take," Williams said.

We'll continue to follow this story.

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