Heartland organization helps entrepreneurs pursue business ventures

Heartland organization helps entrepreneurs pursue business ventures (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

For current and inspiring business owners in the heartland area, The Missouri Rural Enterprise and Innovation Center is lending a hand in helping future entrepreneurs business ventures come true.

“Whether you are opening up your own business, whether you have a small business or whether you’re an entrepreneur or just have an idea for a small business, there is so much to learn, so much to do," said small business counselor Anastasia Tiedemann.

And that's why the Missouri Rural Enterprise and Innovation Center in Kirksville hosts a free monthly event called K-Cups.

It's designed to help engage, educate and connect local entrepreneurs.

On Friday, the creators of True Communication were K-Cups presenters.

True Communication is a consultation firm that coaches professionals in business communication skills.

“ We both teach communication and we both enjoy telling our students about the practice of telling stories, how to interact with people and we thought those skills would be a good compliment to the local business community," said Communication Consultant Don Krause.

“ And we also want to help people develop a sense of purpose, if you will. Anyone, whether it’s an employee or the employers of the managers, or whomever, start really thinking about a sense of purpose," said Communication Consultant James Cianciola.

The Missouri Rural Enterprise and Innovation Center also offers free resources including assistance creating financial projections, business plans, and marketing reports.

These are resources in Kirksville that Dr. Cianciola says should not be overlooked.

“ In terms of why here, why bring your business here, it’s because there are very terrific people and hardworking people. They want to be here.”

For business counselor Anastasia Tiedemann, she says seeing new business owners succeed is one of the best parts of her job.

“ Everyday somebody new comes in my office or maybe it’s someone who I’m already working with and they have an idea and they’re moving forward on it and they’re having success. And it’s so fun to work with them and see their success. See their happiness.”

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