New Details: Bullet that hit courthouse came from apartment

Heartland resident accidentally fires gun into courthouse (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

UPDATE: KTVO has now learned new details about an accidental discharge of a gun that shot a bullet into the Putnam County Courthouse.

Sheriff Jason Knight told us the incident was first reported on January 15, 2018. That is when the juvenile officer who works in Putnam County noticed the bullet hole in the third-floor window of the courthouse.

That window leads into a hallway. The bullet was found on the landing of the stairs leading the third floor of the courthouse.

Knight said investigators used Missouri State Highway Patrol equipment to figure out the trajectory of the bullet.

That information pointed them to a second-floor apartment above a business across the street from the courthouse.

Authorities went to that apartment where they talked to a resident in his 30s.

The man told investigators that a few days before the bullet hole was discovered in the courthouse window that he had been hydro dipping his handgun. That is a process that applies a decorative and protective finish to an object.

He said while he was doing that his 9mm weapon accidentally discharged, firing a bullet through his apartment window.

Knight said, until investigators came to his apartment, the man did not know where the bullet had gone, and he was unaware it had hit the courthouse.

The sheriff said the incident happened in the evening hours so no employees were on the upper floors of the courthouse at the time the bullet shot through the window.

Knight told KTVO his office is in the process of getting its paperwork to the prosecutor so he can file charges against the man.

The sheriff is unsure what those charges will be.

No one was injured during the incident.

No one was injured after someone accidentally fired a gun into a window at the courthouse in Unionville.

Sheriff Jason Knight told KTVO a gentleman was disassembling a firearm outside the Putnam County Courthouse and accidentally pulled the trigger.

The incident happened earlier this month.

The bullet hit the third story window of the courthouse.

No one has been charged at this time, but Knight said charges are pending against the man.

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