Heartland resident helping raise money for local fire department with art

People that attended painted their own canvas. (KTVO)

A Heartland resident volunteered her time to help her community.

Gin Lammert is a local professional painter who has organized fundraising events for local businesses in southeast Iowa.

On Saturday, Lammert hosted a painting fundraiser to help local firefighters while teaching residents painting techniques.

"A couple of years ago I started doing paint parties, one event for a local winery in southern Iowa. We decided to do this as a fundraiser for our all-volunteer fire department here in Pulaski," Lammert said.

The money raised Saturday will help the department acquire a much-needed upgrade.

"What we’re trying to raise is they’re changing our communications in the county from narrow banding to digital and the cost of that will be pretty substantial. We’re looking at about $12,000 to switch over and these ladies came up with the idea to do this and I think it’s just outstanding," said Pulaski Fire Department Captain Jeremy Breeding.

The digital conversion will help with radio communication by preventing dead zones.

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