Heartland residents love Saint Patty's, have mixed feelings on corned beef

Saints Pub and Patio is located at 2513 Northgate street in Ottumwa./KTVO

Heartland residents were getting in the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit Saturday.

Patrons at Saints Pub and Patio in Ottumwa enjoyed green beer and festive foods to celebrate.

KTVO asked a few people about their favorite part about the day.

“I’m a big fan of getting to pinch somebody if they don’t wear green,” said Trevor Swartz.

“Favorite part about it, probably green beer, all the green celebration, partying, just all around a good time,” said Raphael Martinez.

“Food. Eating, family, food,” said Scott Swartz.

Saints was also serving the iconic and traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage. Here’s what people had to say about that.

“I’ve been up all night making the corned beef and cabbage, I’m ready to get some sleep… It’s something you don’t find every day, so it’s nice to have on the holiday,” said General Manager James Lewis.

“I’ve tried it, I’m not a real fan of it though… I’m not a big cabbage guy to be honest,” said Trevor Swartz.

Saints Pub and Patio will be offering their St. Patty’s Day specials all day Saturday.

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