Heartland residents pack the stores for last-minute holiday shopping

Heartland residents visited stores like Menards Saturday for some last minute holiday shopping./KTVO.

With Christmas being just two days away, Ottumwa residents are packing the stores for some last-minute holiday shopping.

KTVO had the chance to catch up with a few of these shoppers at Menards. Here’s what they had to say on why they’re shopping so late in the game.

“There’s always that last minute something that you’ve either forgotten or you want to get for someone. So, we’re just out trying to find that last minute thing,” said Joanie Lundy.

“You get the best deals, and I like to just fight the traffic – lots of traffic. So, I like to fight the traffic,” said Gary French.

“Christmas has always been the hustle and bustle of trying to get in the last minute to get everything. Or, when you think of that one person that you didn’t think about for the wole year, so you want to be nice and get something. So, that’s where I’m at right now,” said Darrin Hill.

Whether they’re out shopping simply out of procrastination, or because they need that last-minute gift, one thing is for sure, Heartland residents are trying to get out now just in case bad weather hits the area.

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