Heartland students learn about life after high school

Students at the simulation had to experience big responsibilities. KTVO Angela Luna

Life is all about making choices.

Freshman and Sophomore students at Bevier High School experienced what life is like after high school.

The Reality Enrichment And Life Lessons simulation is a role playing program where students experience life due to negative and positive choices.

Each student is given two characters.

The first character depicts a high school student struggling to make mends meet by going straight into the work force.

Most students didn't approve of the first character.

"I have two children, I only make $63 a week and I'm in debt. It isn't easy," said sophomore Ashton Binder.

The second character is a student who graduated from high school and continues on to live a successful life.

Macon County Coordinator Terri Laughlin discussed how this program helps students with their future.

"This gives them an example of what life would be like if they make those reactive life choices and have children earlier or get involved with drugs or alcohol how their life may be a little difficult," said Laughlin.

This program is available for schools across the state.

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