Heartland theorist finding God

    Chris Langan and his wife Gina sit outside on their farm in Mercer, Mo./KTVO-Louis Finley

    Chris Langan is the smartest man in America, and he lives in the Heartland. In his home outside Mercer, Missouri, he has said he has proven the existence of God.

    Smarter than both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, Langan has an IQ of 200.

    His philosophical theory is called the Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU). Metaphysics is the basis of Langan’s 56 page disquisition.

    “It includes physics and the natural sciences, but it also goes to a level above. A level on which you can talk about the entirety of science,” Langan said.

    Langan said he is dedicated to the idea that his theory should be pursued by mankind.

    “Every religion that has truth in it, that has logical integrity can be interpreted in this overall framework, and this of course can bring all religions into one,” Lagan said.

    Though he has a higher IQ than both Einstein and Hawking, he said he is not as well respected throughout the intelligence community.

    “I’m pretty much an autodidact. I teach myself everything by necessity,” Langan said.

    Lagan doesn’t have a college degree, but this did not stop him from pursuing knowledge.

    “I wanted to major in math and philosophy,” Langan said.

    He attempted to pursue a degree twice, but intellectual capital did not translate into the financial capital to pay for an education.

    “I had no choice at that point. I had to drop out,” Langan said.

    Langan has lived a blue-collar life, finding mostly labor-intensive jobs. He’s worked as a bouncer in nightclubs throughout New York City for 25 years, a fit for his stocky frame, but he only made as much as $100 a night.

    “If you don’t have a college degree, it’s not like you’re going to be anything that pays well,” Langan said.

    He often found it difficult finding a day job without an education.

    His intellect was noticed when Langan found his way onto television shows like ABC's 20/20 Downtown and NBC's 1 Versus 100. He was also featured in Esquire Magazine and the best-selling book, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, highlighting his prodigious IQ.

    Langan used his new-found media presence to create the Mega Foundation with his wife, who is a neuropsychologist. The foundation is a non-profit geared towards networking for the highly intelligent to share ideas outside of academia.

    “This I decided would be a kind of intelligence society. Not an ordinary IQ society, but one with more variety in its way of identifying intelligence,” Langan said.

    The foundation aids in developing theories like Langan’s CTMU.

    “The very best minds from the very best universities wouldn’t be able to put a dent in me or my theory,” Langan said.

    Langan noted that since moving to Northern-Missouri 13-years ago, his life has become quieter. Something he said he welcomed.

    “Nobody knows anything about my IQ because I don’t tell them,” Langan said.

    To read Langan’s theory, click here.

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