Heat not the only concern for pets this summer

Summer pet safety (Chris Arbino/KTVO)

It’s been one of the hottest summers on record in recent history, but the heat isn’t the only thing you have to protect your pet from.

Fleas, biting flies, and maggots are some of the parasites that are most dangerous in the summer.

The stray neighborhood cat often carries fleas that can get into the same backyard as your pet and can make their way into your home.

Pets that are older or pets that have thick fur coats that can retain moisture are the most likely to pick up these bugs, and prolonged exposure can lead to infection or other serious ailments.

“Fleas lay 50 eggs a day, so everywhere they go they drivel those eggs off like a salt shaker. So, they’re seeding your yards and your pet goes outside the fleas can just hop in your house. So, the flea numbers are going to be real high right now,” says veterinarian Matt Garver.

Garver also said that you should check your pet often for signs of heat illness or bugs, and be sure they have access to plenty of clean water.

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