Helping after hurricanes: Students start supply drive

Students helping other students through a school supply drive (KTVO)

A social studies class on hurricanes, turned into a lesson in helping others.

From Missouri to Texas and Florida, students at Knox County R1 Elementary School are helping out the schools that were affected by hurricanes.

A supply drive underway this week, and it was all thought up, by a first grader after she saw images of the devastation.

“In social studies class a couple weeks ago, we just talked about the devastation of the hurricane in Texas, and then Irma was happening right then, and we talked about wants and needs – what do kids want versus what do they need,” said First Grade Teacher Anna Van Delft. “They got it, they understood, they were naming things I didn’t even think of that would have been ruined.”

That sparked a suggestion in the mind of first-grader Audrey Erwin.

“I thought school supplies, and then I raised my hand and said it,” said Audrey.

The first graders gave a presentation to the entire K-5 elementary school.

“We started the school supply drive by seeing pictures and creating a keynote and we showed it to everybody so they would know to bring stuff,” Audrey said.

Van Delft used the website ‘Adopt a Classroom’ to coordinate with teachers to know exactly what was needed.

“We’ve put stuff, school supplies that we think they need in a box outside the office door,” said Thatcher Townsend, a first-grader.

The school supply donation started Wednesday, and is expected to be shipped out on Thursday.

Halfway through the school day on Wednesday, the box was already full.

Every little bit helps.

“I’ve already put in three dollars, I might bring some crayons or markers or colored pencils to put in there,” said second-grader Joey McCarty.

The students have demonstrated to their teachers just how much they’ve learned through their act of kindness.

“We can help people that their homes got destroyed, we’re trying to help them so they can go back to their schools,” said Cambell Harder, a second grade student.

“They have shown such great compassion for others and kindness, and showing how much they care about other kids’ education, not just their own here at school and that they see the importance of helping others and that makes them feel good when they get to help others as well,” said Mary Lynn Greenley, a second grade teacher.

“It’s always awesome when you can teach them real world things, and get them to help people and apply what they’re learning in school to the real world,” said first grade teacher Stephanie Magruder.

“I’m just overflowing with joy that they’ve gotten it and they’re wanting to help and it means something to them,” said Van Delft.

“Being nice and helping people is a good thing to make the world a better place,” said Audrey.

If you’d like to donate school supplies, drop them off at Knox County R1 schools in Edina, Mo.

Or, make an online monetary donation through the school’s website.

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