High school elective connects students with employers

Students collaborate at Mount Pleasant High School Thursday/KTVO

The Mount Pleasant Community School District is bringing business professionals into the classroom so it can put students into the workforce.

High School students this semester are learning how to work through a problem, and find a solution.

"We're working on a new multi-purpose gym," said Mt. Pleasant senior Brody McGhghy.
"I'm creating a back-pack program," said senior Noemi Gonzalez.
"I'm trying to work on global conservation of water," said senior Maison Ashton.

Last year, the high school introduced a Civic Engagement Leadership Lab (CELL) to help students move these ideas beyond the classroom.

"The stumbling block was, how do they get them implemented," said Mount Pleasant Instructional Coach Nicki Ensminger. "How do they find the funding to take these great ideas that they have and move them into implementation?"

A new component of the course connects students with professionals. Instructors reached out to local employers, and invited them into the classroom.

"I did get the opportunity to visit with students," said Innovairre Human Resources Manager Candice Becker. "I was very impressed with their commitment and passion for the work that they're doing in that classroom."

Innovaire, Anywhere Apparel, Becker Law Firm, West Liberty Foods, Continental and Team Staffing Solutions have all agreed to support these students and their ideas. This week, the same group of businesses contributed $3,200 to help build the school's leadership lab.

"It's just making sure these students are good at whatever job they end up having and whatever we can do to help prepare them for that, we think that's our position and that's our job to do," said Mount Pleasant Area Chamber Alliance Executive Vice President Kristi Ray.

The high school will use this week's donation to create a more collaborative work space for students.

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