Heartland holiday display attracts many

Heartland holiday display attracts many (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

When drivers pass by one Kirksville home, they can't help but stop and stare.

“They’re just kind of shocked at the amount of things, said Mandy Bridgeman.

The house of Mandy and Thomas Bridgeman is decorated in over 5,000 Christmas lights.

They say decorating their home for the holidays is something they look forward to every year.

“We love to see the people drive by. We get lots of cars coming through and lots of kids. It seems to make most of the people happy," said Mandy.

Several of the decorations are homemade including a green Christmas sign located in their front yard.

“It’s a time we get to spend together as a family and it’s just something we can do together," said Thomas.

The family works together to decorate their house with Christmas lights well before Thanksgiving.

Thomas Bridgeman says the work they put in is well worth it.

“It’s a lot of fun and I love seeing the kids smile is the main part of it. Makes it worth it.”

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