Homeless shelter coming to Kirksville

Homeless shelter coming to Kirksville (Amber Draper/KTVO)

The City of Kirksville does not currently have a homeless shelter.

However, Board President of AM Housing Glen Moritz says that could change in the next year.

“I wanted to bring a more permanent solution to the situation so we could help people on an ongoing basis with rehabilitation rather than just a one night stay at the local motel.”

AM Housing is a newly formed non-profit organization that is working to provide a homeless shelter in the Kirksville area.

“Kirksville is a big hub. It’s 17,000 people here so there’s a lot of resources. A lot of people that come around here and not having one of these resources kind of hurts more than it helps," said Friendship Apartment employee Tamarr Maclin.

On Friday, workers of the non-profit group held a fundraiser outside of JCPenney in Kirksville, collecting donations to help fund the building.

Tamarr Maclin works for a homeless shelter in Milan.

Maclin says the homeless population in Kirksville may not be as visible compared to larger cities.

“Out here it’s kind of smaller and people are more friendly. So they know when somebody is in trouble and they bring them in, and let them sleep in their house for a while.”

Despite Kirksville being a small town, Maclin says the need for a shelter is still necessary.

“A lot of homeless people be out here camping and you may not be able to tell that their homeless, but they’re still people out here in need.”

Moritz says their main goal is to get people off the street.

The shelter is intended to provide individuals a place to stay while they look for employment.

“Most of the homeless people that I’ve come in contact with don’t know how to do these things and kind of need help getting that push.”

AM Housing is still looking for a permanent location for the shelter.

Moritz says he hopes the shelter will be available in September of 2018.

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