House 82 candidates talk about taxes

All four candidates for the open Iowa House District 82 seat gathered in Keosauqua Thursday night to answer the public's questions on various topics. (MGN Online)

Southeast Iowa voters will be heading to the polls in just a few days for the House District 82 special election. The seat opened earlier this summer after long-time Democratic Representative Curt Hanson of Fairfield died.

To prepare voters, the candidates held a forum Thursday night at the Roberts Memorial Center in Keosauqua. Democrat Phil Miller, Republican Travis Harris, Libertarian Joshua Miller and the Constitution Party’s Edward Hee were all present. Constituents had the chance to ask each candidate questions about their political platform.

KTVO caught up with each candidate before the forum began Thursday night. Here’s what they had to say on tax reform:

“I do understand though that revenue is needed to have schools and have roads and take care of our law enforcement. We want taxes to be fair. And we don’t want to over-tax. And, I think fairness is the big thing. And if I’m elected I look forward to making sure that everyone doesn’t have to pay more than their fair share,” said
Democrat Phil Miller.
“I would very much like to change the highest paid state employee in Iowa, who is a football coach. I think there’s a little something wrong with that. If we can get those reductions in place, we can reduce taxes, having reduces taxes – sales tax is a great place to start – making our economy more open and vibrant, people would come looking to spend here because so much of their wealth is not being taken in taxes. That’s something we’d like to do,” said Constitution Party candidate Edward Hee.
“As far as tax reform, I’m looking at no new taxes. I do not want to increase the burden on anyone of our Iowa families. I feel we’re already heavily taxed enough. I definitely want to look into somethings like the gasoline tax that was recently increased, some of that money is being mismanaged in my opinion. I think we should take a hard look at it and if things aren’t being done right, consider revoking it,” said Libertarian Joshua Miller.
“I think what we need to do with taxes in the state of Iowa is we have some of the highest corporate taxes in the nation and much rather than be given tax credit to corporations to come here without the accountability of them staying in existence, I think it’s a great idea to lower the tax rate, expand the economic growth in our area, which will expand the revenue and be in a more competitive environment to attract good jobs, good companies, to be here in our area,” said Republican Travis Harris.

The House 82 special election will take place next Tuesday, August 8th.

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