House 82 win gives Democrats hope

Newly elected State Representative Phil Miller./KTVO

Iowa Democrats are celebrating last night's victory in the Iowa House 82 special election.

Fairfield School Board President Phil Miller cruised to a relatively easy victory over Moulton farmer Travis Harris.

It was a small bright spot in what has been an otherwise disastrous election cycle for Democrats.

A Donald Trump led tidal wave in November gave the GOP control over the vast majority of elected offices in the state.

But some political commentators are wondering if Miller's win on Tuesday means the political winds are changing.

In an article titled "Early Iowa Tea Leaf Falls Against Trump" NBC reporter Alex Seitz-Wald asks if last night's race signals a 2018 Democratic wave.

He notes that Miller won 54 percent of the vote in a district that President Trump carried by 21 points.

It should be said however, that Republicans didn't field a candidate against the Democratic incumbent, Curt Hanson, last fall.

Last night's result may be good news, but Iowa Democrats will have a steep hill to climb in 2018.

Last night's loss still leaves Republicans in control of the Iowa House by 19 seats, the Senate by nine seats and the governor's mansion.

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