House of horrors: bloody ax attack started here

    Police said the ax attack started inside this home on East Scott Street during an argument between the man and woman who live here. (John Garlock/KTVO)<p>{/p}<p>{/p}<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    New details are now emerging about that bloody ax attack in Kirksville late last week.

    Police were called to the intersection of High and Scott streets late Friday night for a report of a woman being assaulted with an ax.

    The first police officer who got there found the victim, Jacquie Bakonga, lying facedown in the street in front of her home.

    Court document state she was bleeding heavily with open wounds on her head, back and arm.

    Investigators found the suspect, Bakonga's husband, covered in blood and being held on the ground by a neighbor until police could arrest him.

    The neighbor’s roommate said he and his friends heard screaming coming from outside their residence.

    He told police he looked out and saw a black man holding an ax over his head.

    The neighbor reported Bakonga was holding her husband's arm, yelling for help.

    The two neighbors rushed the suspect and wrestled the ax away from the man, tripped him and took him to the ground, holding him there until officers arrived.

    The suspect, Alidor Masingo, 35, of Kirksville, is charged with First-Degree Domestic Assault and Armed Criminal Action.

    Court papers go on to say that a police detective interviewed Masingo with the help of an interpreter.

    Masingo told police he and his wife had had an argument, and Bakonga grabbed the ax by their bedroom door and struck him in the shoulder with the blunt side.

    Investigators said Masingo admitted to taking the ax away from his wife and hitting her with it.

    The couple then went outside, where, according to Masingo, he struck Bakonga again.

    According to court documents, Masingo told the detective he was not sorry for what he had done because his wife does bad things to him.

    He went on to say when he is at home and asks his wife questions, she does not answer the questions.

    Masingo also said Bakonga treats him and their children bad.

    Police seized the blood-covered ax for evidence.

    As of Tuesday afternoon, Bakonga remained hospitalized in Columbia in fair condition.

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