How to prevent theft during the holiday season

How to prevent theft during the holiday season (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

The holiday season is a time of giving, and its also an opportunity for thiefs.

As you hurry to complete your holiday shopping, the Kirksvile Police Department wants to remind people to be cautious about protecting the whereabouts of their items.

Lt. Mark Wellman says if you have packages delivered to your home, arrange for someone you trust to remove the items from your porch.

If you leave items in your car, make sure to lock your doors and cover your possessions.

Wellman says leaving bags and packages in your vehicle is a crime of opportunity.

Even after Christmas, Wellman says being smart about protecting your items is still important.

“One thing after Christmas, if you get a big ticket item such as a large television, we recommend you don’t put the box the thing came in outside because it advertises you just got a brand new television.”

Wellman suggest instead of leaving boxes in your trash, take your packaging materials to a nearby recycling center.

This way the items are removed from your property.

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