How to stay safe during a natural disaster

How to stay during during natural disaster(Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

September is national preparedness month and with natural disasters being a hot topic of conversation in the United States, and here in the Heartland, KTVO spoke with the police department to find out when disaster strikes, how you can protect your family and your home.

One of the first things we can do to protect ourselves is to create a plan.

Flooding and tornado's are not rare in the Heartland.

Just about 4 months ago in June, Macon county received excessive flooding.

Firefighter, Aaron Pippin says when disaster strikes, people not only need to create a plan before hand, but people also need to stay updated about what to do after disaster strikes.

We can get that information from our media sources whether it be television, whether it be radio, or whether it be internet. Social media can also play a crucial role in that.

Even for firefighters, they can have trouble reaching people in need, which is why being prepared before hand is so important.

Flooding can be a problem for us just like it is for residents because sometimes if there's significant flooding, we may not be able to reach those people.

To stay prepared, the fire department encourages everyone to stop by the station and pick up a safety checklist.

They talk about what you can do. You can put them on your refrigerator and to talk about it with your families before hand.

Currently Kirksville does not have a shelter for people to evacuate to during a natural disaster, but the fire department says churches are always one of the first organizations to open their doors during such emergencies.

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