How to travel safely during wintery conditions

Although winter isn't officially here yet, the weather is beginning to show signs of it which means hazardous roadways will become a reality soon.

Here are some tips to ensure safe travels during the winter season.

Make sure the coolant in your vehicle is good enough for the winter. Also, make sure your tires have enough tread depth for driving.

Check your windshield washer solvent and wiper blades--both front and rear.

Always carry ice scrapers. It's also a good idea to have a blanket incase you get stranded.

Phillip Stine, Service Advisor at Fesler Auto Mall, suggested an item that might seem unconventional but could help in a pinch--cat litter.

"If you would happen to get stuck with a front wheel drive car you can get a little bit of the snow away by putting it in front of the front tire," said Stine. "With a rear wheel drive car you can get a little bit of the snow away from the rear of the front of the tire. Put some cat litter down, and it'll help you get traction in the snow or ice also."

As always, slow down and drive to the conditions.

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