Hurdland boy bitten by shark in Florida

Colten McCarty, 15, of Hurdland, Mo., was bitten by a shark in Florida on Monday. (Courtesy: Lisa McCarty)

When he goes back to school later this month, a northeast Missouri teen will definitely have the best “What did you do on your summer vacation” story to tell his classmates at Knox County High School.

Colten McCarty, 15, of Hurdland, was bitten by a shark Monday in Florida where he is vacationing with his family.

Colten is the son of John and Lisa McCarty.

Lisa told KTVO her son was skimboarding in knee-deep water in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Jacksonville when it happened.

“Beach Patrol was warning of riptides, and we told the kids not to go farther than their knees,” said McCarty.

She said Colten did not see the shark. He just felt the bite on his lower calf region and started yelling that he had been bitten and told everyone to get out of the water.

The teen was taken by ambulance to the hospital where doctors confirmed the wound on Colten’s leg was a shark bite.

Apparently no one knows for sure what kind of shark it was that attacked.

For now, doctors used three large stitches to gather the wound.

"They did the stitches like that because he's missing part of his skin, and it's a deep hole, and they didn't want the skin to pull the stitches out,” Lisa said. “They didn't want that skin stretching.”

McCarty said she and her family are leaving Florida this weekend to return home where they have to make a follow-up doctor’s appointment in two weeks.

The hospital where Colten was taken told the family that shark bites are rare. They typically treat just one a year.

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