Icy weather slows Ottumwa frozen yogurt business

    Polar Xpress/ KTVO

    Ice cream isn't as popular in the freezing weather.

    But some may argue the frozen treat is good year-round.

    KTVO wanted to know what business is like this season for a frozen yogurt shop in downtown Ottumwa. Sandra Hendred, Owner and manager of the Polar Xpress, told KTVO that they do notice a decline in business during the icy weather, but it doesn't stop them from giving their customers quality service.

    “We notice a significant decline in customers when the temperature drops. However, we have a very loyal following of people who need their frozen yogurt and desert no matter what the weather and so our name “polar” I think people expect that even though its cold that we’re going to be here. So, we’re intentional about having our business open during the hours that we say we’re going to be open, “said Hendred.

    Hendred told KTVO that since opening noon on Thursday, they had two very happy customers.

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