If needed, City of Kirksville prepared to issue Traffic Emergency due to snow

    (MGN Online)

    The City of Kirksville is closely monitoring the weather forecast for Friday and Saturday. If the forecast of 3 to 8 inches of total snow accumulation, or more, remains in place, then a Traffic Emergency due to snow (per section 15 of the Municipal Code) will likely be declared.

    During that time, all vehicles parked on designated Emergency Snow Routes, including city streets in the downtown, or Central Business District, must be moved within two hours following notification. If vehicles are not moved, they will be towed (per section 15-343. of the Municipal Code). The Traffic Emergency will remain in place until terminated. Termination of the Traffic Emergency will likely take place approximately eight hours following the end of snowfall. If snow accumulations increase, the Traffic Emergency may be extended to allow city crews sufficient time for snow removal.

    As a reminder, it shall be unlawful for any person or persons to remove any snow or ice from private property and place or cause to be placed such snow or ice on any public street, alley, sidewalk or other public place (per section 21-6. of the Municipal Code). Additionally, the owners, agent or occupants of any real property within the city shall keep the sidewalk along and in front of the property owned or occupied by or under their charge or keep clean from snow and ice, and, after a snowfall, such owners, occupants or persons in control or charge of such property shall, within 24 hours after such snowfall, cause such snow on their sidewalks to be removed (per section 21-5. of the Municipal Code).

    For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 660-627-1291.

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