Illness and weather keeps school closed

The Adair County R-1 school in Novinger will remain closed through January 18th due to illness symptoms and recent/upcoming winter storms. (KTVO:MGN_Online)

Many Heartland schools were closed or on delayed schedules this week due to the last winter storm.

However, one Heartland school system will remain closed through January 18.

Adair County R-1 schools in Novinger will remain closed through the week due to illness and some weather-related issues.

This was first brought to our attention through a post on Facebook regarding the closures.

We reached out to Novinger R-1 school officials and received a reply from Superintendent Rick Roberts.

Roberts, who is out of town, replied with an email stating the closure is due to normal flu season symptoms and the officials wanted to split everyone up and give them time to recover.

Roberts also added that the recent bad weather played into the decision-making process as well.

If you want to know which schools have delays or cancellations you can find them on our website under the weather tab or you can follow this link.

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