Increased police presence at school after bathroom message

An increased police presence at Knox County R-1 High School Thursday was due to a threatening message found in a bathroom (Geoffrey Woehlk/KTVO)

An increased police presence at a northeast Missouri school was due to a threat written in a high school bathroom.

According to the Edina Sentinel, police were at the Knox County R-1 School District Thursday. A statement from Knox County Superintendent Andy Turgeon said the increased security was because of writing found in the boys’ bathroom that said “school shooting coming.” The message was found just after 3 p.m. Wednesday.

No immediate threat was suspected by law enforcement, and the increase in security was precautionary.

The full statement from Turgeon is below.

The Knox County R-I School District in Edina, Missouri has received a number of inquiries regarding an incident that occurred on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. We want the school community to have accurate and current information. Therefore, we are providing this statement, and will provide additional information, to the extent permitted by law, as it becomes available.
On Wednesday, at approximately 3:10, p. m., the district received a report that the statement, “school shooting coming,” had been written in a non-prominent area of the boys bathroom at the high school. The statement was not written in large letters and was actually difficult to find when the administration inspected the bathroom. The incident was reported to law enforcement and an immediate investigation was initiated. The investigation included procedures that we cannot discuss specifically, because they are part of the school district’s security plan. However, we can tell you that based upon all of the information available, it was determined that no immediate threat of harm existed. That is why school is in session today.
Nevertheless, the statement has caused great concern and disruption in the Knox County Schools, and in the wider school community. Board of Education policy and the Student Code of Conduct provide consequences for this type of misconduct, and the policies and Code of Conduct will be followed in this situation. Of course, we cannot now and will not in the future be able to provide specific information about student discipline. But we can assure you that appropriate measures have been and will continue to be taken to prevent any recurrence of such conduct.
Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important to the school district than the safety and security of our students, staff, and others present on school premises, at any time. We will take every permissible measure to ensure that safety, at all times. We thank the students, staff, parents, and patrons of the district for their support in connection with this incident – and at all other times.
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