Indoor triathlon set to challenge Heartland

The challenge is not solely a triathlon. A half and an ultra are also offered. (Louis Finley/KTVO)

The Kirksville Aquatic Center and the Kirksville YMCA are hosting an indoor triathlon beginning Jan. 8.

The challenge runs for nine weeks.

Recreation Specialist Robin Harden with the City of Kirksville said this challenge is a competition, but the person you're really competing with is yourself.

“You set your goal for how far you want to go and you work to meet your own goal," Harden said.

Last year, around 50 people took part.

The challenge is not solely a triathlon. A half and an ultra challenge are also offered.

"You'd be surprised with how many people do the ultra. We had a large group of medical students last year, and they did the ultra," Harden said.

The ultra is a 4.8-mile swim, 224-mile bike ride and a 52.4-mile run.

"If you think about those distances, they're overwhelming, but when you have nine weeks to do it, it's not so bad," Harden said.

The challenge runs until March 11 and costs $35 for members of the YMCA or Aquatic Center and $75 for non-members. Non-members will have access to both facilities throughout the nine weeks.

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