Inspiration, information, and interaction with producers at Women in Ag event

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If you need some inspiration, information, or interaction with your fellow ag producer, there's an event you might want to check out.

The Adair County Women in Agriculture in Workshop will be on Friday, October 6th.

It's at Jacob’s Vineyard from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p. m.

The last two hours (2:30-4:30) are optional, when participants can paint a picture of a barn scene.

The event is free, but the painting portion costs $35.

Participants can look forward to hearing about updates to FSA/USDA/NRCS programs, land value changes, tips on growing and using apples, and farm facts in Adair County, among other topics.

"It's just a good event to come out and be a part of and network with other local ladies, or some gentlemen, whoever attends, we provide lunch, and just visit and enjoy the day and just learn a little bit about different topics," said Nicole Roberts, district specialist at the Adair County Soil & Water Conservation District.

You do need to register by Friday, September 29 in order to attend.

Stop by or call the Adair County Soil & Water Conservation District to register at 660-665-3274 ext. 3, or the Adair County Extension and Outreach Office.

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