Inspiring Others: Small town arts center showcasing local talent

Inside 'The Arts Incubator' in Green City, Mo. (KTVO)

Green City, Missouri is home to just 608 people, and now, one arts center.

It all started with one man’s vision to restore the buildings on the town square.

Today – one of those fixed-up buildings is The Arts Incubator.

It’s changing the way residents see their town.

Joyce Ayers helps manage the place, her nature-inspired paintings decorating the walls.

“My paintings would probably be in boxes at home, and I’ve always wanted a place where I could hang up my paintings,” Ayers said.

Now she, along with other local artists, have a place to display handmade works of art.

Glen Simmons, along with his wife, are in the midst of an effort to preserve the buildings on the Green City square.

“He just wanted a place for artists and local artisans to display their work, that’s the main goal he had,” Ayers explained.

And that’s just what happened. Artists like Ayers, along with quilters, doll-makers, wood-workers, and others, are now able to showcase their skills.

“I’ve gone to South Missouri to paint pictures of covered bridges, and I like to do things like that to preserve our history – there’s just four left of the covered bridges, and I’ve got a painting on all four of them now,” said Ayers. “I’ve done some paintings of angus calves, and red angus calves, and at Christmas time that was a hot item.”

In addition to displaying art, the center serves as a place to host classes, share skills, and inspire ideas.

“Usually when I’m here I’m at the easel, and I paint some, and they like to come in and see what I’m painting that day,” Ayers said.

Ayers’ art has a reminder to stop and appreciate the little things in life.

“I get inspired from all the nature, I love to paint clouds, trees, birds, flowers, I just like people to see that and learn to enjoy what God has given us, all the beautiful world we live in,” Ayers said. “There’s good things in the world too that people don’t hear so much about it. They don’t realize just a few things on the ground can be beautiful, the leaves falling, there’s a lot of beauty in our world.”

To see hours, the location, and information on upcoming classes and events, visit The Arts Incubator Facebook page.

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