Instructor ensures every student has a voice in music class

    Instructor ensures every student has a voice in music class (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO) <p>{/p}

    The instructor of a Heartland music class is making sure every student has a voice.

    “ It’s probably one of the highlights of my day, every day is this class," said Kirksville R-III Director of Choral Activities Rebecca Murphy.

    Murphy teaches a class to high school students called Omnivox

    “ Which means all and voice so everybody has a voice in this class," said Murphy.

    The class is open to all students who need a fine arts credit, but focuses on adapting music activities for special learners.

    “Sometimes that means we need to do a lot of repetition and go at a pace that everyone can learn at," added Murphy.

    Everyday the class starts with students gathering in a circle with chairs and they go around the room and talk about how their day is going and share any exciting news.

    “I read a study last year and it said that some kids go to school all day long with nobody every saying their name. I decided right then and there that was not going to be who I was as a teacher," said Murphy.

    Later in the class, the students get out their rhythm sticks and sing songs and then work on a music skill.

    "Either counting or tempo or tamber of music," said Murphy.

    The class has only been in full swing for one year.

    Rebecca says she hopes the class continues to grow.

    “ I hope that it just continues to have students enrolled in it and regular ed mentors so that we can continue to make music together.”

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