Iowa church spreads Christmas spirit to the elderly


A southeast Iowa church is helping spread Christmas spirit to the elderly.

“We really feel a vision and our calling to be the church that Davis County needs. And, so, we were talking about what Davis County really need this Christmas season and we thought that just coming out to the care center to have a worship service here really fit with what we’re doing as a church,” said Bloomfield Methodist’s Senior Pastor Tim Frasher.

On Christmas Eve, the Bloomfield Methodist Church visited folks staying at the Davis County Care Center in Bloomfield, Iowa.

Members of the choir caroled down the hallways for residents, bringing the Christmas spirit to those who may not get to see their friends and family this holiday season.

They also read scriptures and handed out gifts to everyone there.

Senior Pastor Tim Frasher says this is the first year the church has done this.

“People are really loving being here and I think people who are coming are just getting as much out as the residents as well. So, it’s been awesome,” said Frasher.
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