Iowa court: Families get no immediate relief from hog stench

Judge Annette Scieszinski reads the verdict in the February 2016 CAFO nuisance trial in Wapello County. (KTVO-TV)

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Three Iowa families who say the stench from two hog farms makes it difficult for them to emerge from their homes won't get immediate help from the Iowa Supreme Court, which reversed a lower court decision that found a law protecting producers was unconstitutional.

The court ruled Friday that Iowa's right-to-farm law was constitutional in its aim, but it upheld a previous ruling that says the protection for producers can be overcome by showing "sustained significant hardship" and meeting other conditions.

The Wapello County neighbors will return to a lower court to determine if their case meets those requirements.

Justice Bruce Zager wrote in the opinion that all 50 states have similar right-to-farm laws and the law wasn't clearly unconstitutional because it seeks to promote the development of animal agriculture.

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