Iowa governor taking heat for flying family on private jet

KTVO Kim Reynolds MGN.jpg

Iowa State University says Gov. Kim Reynolds paid for her family's tickets to the Liberty Bowl nearly one month after the game.

School spokesman John McCarroll said Thursday that Reynolds paid $380 to cover the cost of four tickets with a personal check dated January 27, 2018, four weeks after the Cyclones defeated Memphis 21-20.

McCaroll said it was "normal procedure" to provide the tickets upfront and send the governor an invoice to be paid later.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that Reynolds and three relatives accepted a free flight to the game on an airplane owned by Sedgwick, which administers state workers' compensation claims.

Iowa's gift law bars public officials from accepting anything worth $3 from contractors and lobbyists.

But Reynolds received approval from an ethics regulator to accept the flight as a campaign contribution from Sedgwick's CEO Dave North, one of her top donors. North says he reimbursed Sedgwick for the cost.

Reynolds' campaign says she met with donors during the day trip.

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