Iowa Paranormal investigates rumored haunted hotel

Hotel Ottumwa is one of Ottumwa's most historical buildings. It opened it's doors almost a century ago and since then has hosted many guests. With the guests came many stories. These stories, and some rumors, range from celebrity guests staying in the hotel along with hauntings. The hauntings is what sparked the interest of a paranormal investigative group, Iowa Paranormal.

Iowa Paranormal investigates locations like Hotel Ottumwa, as well as private residences. The team is not there to rid a location of a haunting presence, but more to validate experiences. This was the second time the team had visited the hotel and they weren't disappointed.

The first time the team investigated Hotel Ottumwa they found what is described as an apparition. This time, the team believes they found something simlilar. Steven Tracy, the founder of Iowa Paranormal, saw what appeared to be a figure in the basement of the hotel which use to be the ball room.

Iowa Paranormal celebrated their 5th year anniversary during the investigation at the hotel. During that time, the team's witnessed and caught on video numerous sightings and unexplained phenomenon.

Tracy says this has always been a passion of his, and what once started as only hunting ghosts has now turned into helping others. The team has state of the art equipment and years of experience in their field. Their main focus is to help others and because of that they don't charge anything for an investigation. If you feel as if you might not be alone in your home you can contact Iowa Paranormal here.

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