Iowa's Democrats and Republicans want to change Medicaid

State Sen. Mark Chelgren and Rep. Mary Gaskill attended Indian Hills Community College's informal meet and greet Monday morning./KTVO.

Iowa’s state legislators are getting ready to put your tax dollars to good use in this upcoming session. But there is one thing that can be agreed across both sides of the aisle.

Senator Mark Chelgren and Representative Mary Gaskill both agree that something needs to be done about Iowa’s Medicaid program.

Chelgren told KTVO the system is currently under stress because it’s not being funded to the same level as the number of people signing up for it.

“The Medicaid system was designed only to be a safety net for those people who are truly the most desperate for help and for need – the most needy in our society. And, we basically expanded it to encompass almost everyone based on income, based on all these different areas,” said Chelgren (R – Ottumwa).

Representative Mary Gaskill says she’s been working and meeting with people who’ve been dealing with the flaws of Medicaid, whether that means getting bills paid or not finding the services they need.

“We need to really work on that to see that we change the system in some way, and I’m willing to even go back to what we were doing before, if that’s what need to be done, because we need to see that our people our taken care of,” said Gaskill (D – Ottumwa).

While neither Chelgren nor Gaskill went into specifics on ways to deal with the issue, one this is for sure: it’ll be a topic up for debate in 2018.

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