Jefferson County Democrats make 300 phone calls

Jefferson County Democrat Rose Philip speaks with one of many constituents Sunday/KTVO

Jefferson County Democrats are dedicated to their party this New Year's.

A group of five volunteers spent the holiday weekend making hundreds calls to remind constituents about the 2018 caucuses.

KTVO caught some of them in action in Fairfield on Sunday. We wanted to learn more about their efforts to build the party.

"The Democrats come together and we just phone and phone and phone until we reach everyone,” said Jefferson County Democrat Judy Stevens.

The group made 300 phone calls on Saturday.

"Part of that is to make sure people are aware of it,” said Jefferson County Democrat Paul Gandy. “So what we did, and what we started to do yesterday is we're going to contact every single Democrat in our county one by one, phone call by phone call, because it's important that they show up and participate."

Volunteers still have many more calls to make. These Democrats will continue to feed their phone banks until the 2018 caucuses in February.

"I did find that a lot of people were surprised we were having a caucus so it's very good we're calling these people because they really want to get involved this year, people were very open to that," said Susie Drish, chair of the Jefferson County Democratic Party.

They say the caucuses give voters a chance to talk about the direction of this country.

"I found myself moping around, complaining about the state of affairs and the world and especially here,” said Jefferson County Democrat Rose Philip. “And there's an old saying…if you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem and I certainly don't want to be part of the problem."

They spoke with Jefferson County's teachers and farmers about recent changes to healthcare and agriculture.

"I love them…I tell people that,” said Jefferson County Democrat Barb Hood. “But I just feel their pain."

“Is there hope?” Gandy asked Hood.

"That's all we have,” Hood said. “Do we have any choice but to have hope and to aggressively go after change?”

Drish said there will be at least six caucusing sites in Jefferson County on Feb. 5.

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