Jefferson County Freedom Rock project takes a big step forward

The 17,000 pound red granite boulder that will become the Jefferson County Freedom Rock./KTVO

Jefferson County residents have a Freedom Rock.

At least they have the rock part of it for now.

Counties across the state, including Davis and Wapello, have been placing giant painted boulders in prominent spots as a veterans memorial.

Now Jefferson County is joining the party.

The rock itself, 17,000 pound red granite boulder was donated by Robert Estle of Estle Construction.

Moving the rock from Estle Construction north of Fairfield to the courthouse lawn was no small task.

But with a little planning and a lot of heavy equipment the job got done Monday afternoon.

Next-up, getting the freedom rock artist to paint the mural.

Lyle Maudlin is heading up the effort, which started two years ago.

Maudlin says it will probably be two more years before the artist has time to finish the mural.

That gives Maudlin plenty of time to fundraise to pay for the project.

When asked why he started the Freedom Rock project Maudling told KTVO it was simple, Jefferson County didn't have a freedom rock and he thought the county needed one.

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