Jefferson County Supervisors plan for 2019

    Courtesy of KTVO

    The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors met for it's regular meeting this Monday morning at the courthouse.

    The 2019 Legislative session is fast approaching, and as the supervisors dive into the county's agenda this week - they're paying close attention to what lies ahead for lawmakers at the capitol. Supervisor Dee Sandquist tells KTVO next month docket includes a number of issues that directly affect the citizens of Jefferson County.

    Well there's several of course, but the one predominate theme is unfunded mandates by the legislatures. Because they keep passing bills and then don't fund them. So it would be very helpful to get funding for some of the things like roads, or mental health, just to name a couple. Said, Sandquist.

    She added that the financial state Jefferson County is currently in is strong.

    The county is in excellent shape, because we have a low debt load and so that's why we really look long and hard before we borrow money. Said, Sandquist.

    She also told KTVO what the number one priority is in the upcoming new year:

    Taking care of the needs of the people in Jefferson County. Said, Sandquist.

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