Hunting guide convicted for Davis County deer hunting scam

Jury deliberations began this afternoon in the theft trial of Andrew Wulf, 33./ Davis County Sheriff's Office

UPDATE: It took less than two hours for a Davis County jury to return a guilty verdict against an Iowa hunting guide.

Andrew Wulf was convicted of two counts of Second-Degree Theft and one count of Ongoing Criminal Conduct.

Wulf will remain free on his $25,000 bond until his March 2 sentencing.

He is also forbidden from possession weapons or hunting during that time.

Davis County Attorney Rick Lynch told KTVO that he believes justice was served in the case.


The trial of a Tipton, Iowa, man accused of running a deer-hunting scam is coming to a close.

Davis County jurors were sent to deliberate the case of Andrew Wulf, 33, just before 1 p.m. on Thursday.

Wulf is facing two counts of Second-Degree Theft and one count of Ongoing Criminal Conduct.

During the two and a half day trial, prosecutors alleged three men, from out-of state, signed contracts with Wulf's company, White Tail Ridge Outfitters, expecting a full-service guided hunt.

That service would have included lodging, meals, hunts and transportation to and from the hunting locations. But, upon arrival to Bloomfield, the prosecution alleges that each of the men did not have much contact with Wulf and did not receive all of the services they were promised.

The prosecutor claimed each customer had paid Wulf over $1,000, which was never refunded to them, thereby charging Wulf with Second-Degree Theft.

The defense on the other hand claimed that each customer had signed contracts that never stated they would receive a "full-service guided hunt." But, Wulf did provide them with lodging and hunting locations.

The defense alleged there were also no details in the contract about how Wulf would use the money he was given once paid. When one customer complained to Wulf about the situation, $450 was returned to him for his five-day stay in a Bloomfield hotel.

Now, 12 Davis County jurors will deliberate and decide if Wulf is guilty on any of the charges.

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