Jury finds Davis guilty of First-Degree Murder

    An Appanoose County jury finds Ethan Davis guilty of First-Degree Murder/KTVO

    A Heartland man has been convicted of First-Degree Murder.

    Just before 4:30 p.m. Friday, an Appanoose County jury returned a guilty verdict against Ethan Davis of Promise City, Iowa.

    Jurors found Davis guilty of murdering deer hunter Curtis Ross sometime during Thanksgiving weekend in 2017.

    The jury came to its decision after nearly 12 hours of deliberation. At one point on Friday morning, it looked liked there might not be a decision in the case.

    Around 11 a.m., the jury foreman informed Judge Myron Gookin the panel was deadlocked. He sent them back to their deliberations, and they came to a decision about five hours later.

    Jurors apparently believed that the prosecution had sufficient physical evidence against Davis, despite being unable to offer a motive for the brutal killing.

    Ross was shot 10 times and then stabbed more than two dozen times.

    Davis took the stand in his own defense saying he had no reason to kill Ross and that he believed he was being framed.

    Judge Gookin set the sentencing for March 18, 2019. That is just a formality though because a First-Degree Murder in Iowa conviction carries a mandatory life sentence.

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