Kids in the Heartland pratice hunting safety

Kids in Kirksville got up bright and early Saturday morning to participate in the first annual Jakes Day event. (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

Kids in Kirksville were up bright and early Saturday morning to participate in the first annual JAKES Day event.

JAKES stands for Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship.

To focus on hunting safety, Truman State University fraternity Alpha Gamma Rho helped lead hunting stations from archery to shooing firearms.

Station leader and member of Alpha Gamma Rho, Keegan McCabe says the first step was all about teaching proper technique, form, and safety.

After that, the kids had a chance to try it out for themselves.

McCabe says the idea of JAKES Day came about after a member of their fraternity expressed how much he loved JAKES Day as a kid.

Because so many Alpha Gamma Rho members have experience hunting, McCabe says they were more than willing to bring something new to the Kirksville community.

McCabe says even for kids who have little to no experience hunting, the event is something everyone can benefit from.

All the stations we’re putting on today, I think they’re just not only a lot of fun, but they kind of, they really help with character development too. Being outdoors and learning new skills.

For parents who missed signing their kids up this year, McCabe says families can expect to see the event again in 2018.

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