Kirksville Arts Association: We will return bigger and stronger

KTVO - Kirksville firemen spray hot spots at the scene of the Arts Center fire

One Kirksville organization isn't giving up despite the blazing inferno that gutted its home.

The fire that destroyed the building housing the Kirksville Arts Center broke out at 8:15 Friday night.

Fire crews worked through the night, and were finally able to control the blaze just before 2:00 a.m., Saturday.

Emergency personnel remained on scene during the weekend dousing hot spots and keeping a close watch on the continuously burning embers.

An exhibit by the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild had just opened in the gallery.

Kirksville firemen worked to save the quilts from the blaze to the best of their ability.

About two dozen quilts were on display.

Now, members of the Kirksville Arts Association are speaking out on the tragedy.

A member of the association told KTVO that the organization is still committed to serving Kirksville with a community arts program.

Members of the community are now coming together to help, and the association was even offered a temporary office space.

In a Facebook post on the Kirksville Arts Center page, the association mentions it recently received a grant from the Missouri Arts Council.

That grant will be used to develop a strategic plan, which now takes on a larger meaning when looking to the future.

Kirksville Arts also wishes to thank the community during this trying time for the outpouring of support.

The group vows it will rebuild and return even bigger and stronger.

A state fire investigator is expected to be on scene either Monday or Tuesday to try to determine what caused the fire.

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