Kirksville citizens question Illinois Street reconstruction funding

Reconstruction work on Illinois Street began in May. (KTVO File)

As work continues on one Kirksville street, a few area residents are beginning to ask questions.

Reconstruction work on Illinois Street began in May.

The Kirksville Public Works Department is doing a complete tear-out of the street from Marion to Baltimore.

When complete, the project will result in an improved street, as well as new curb, gutter, driving surface and the addition of bicycle lanes.

KTVO and the City of Kirksville have stated numerous times that the price-tag on the reconstruction totals $800,000.

But now, some are asking where the funds for that work are coming from.

Some in the community say they were under the impression that the $800,000 was coming out of what's called the 'general fund.'

According to the city, the general fund balance is the city's major fund that supports administrative services, information technology, municipal court and emergency services, just to name a few.

Kirksville Public Works Director Glenn Balliew says the Illinois Street project is budgeted in its own special fund.

"All the money for Illinois Street is coming out of the Transportation Sales Tax. It's a dedicated fund for building streets and some storm water work. It was put out in the budget over and over again this year. The cost of that is approximately $800,000. That's less than, way less than, half of what engineering estimates were for a contractor to do it."

Balliew adds that the work on the project is being completed in house.

As a result, he says the city is actually saving a substantial amount of money.

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