Kirksville council amends water tower agreement, approves fence improvements

It was a quick meeting for Kirksville City Council members Monday night. (KTVO File)

It was a quick meeting for Kirksville City Council members Monday night.

In total, only two action presentations were on the agenda.

The first item asked council to approve an amendment to a water tower lease agreement.

The approval came with a unanimous vote.

That agreement is between the City of Kirksville and Sprint Spectrum Realty Company.

This measure allows Sprint to place a cellular antenna and other related equipment on top of the city water tower located downtown.

The water tower is also referred to as the A.T. Still University water tower.

This amended agreement will now let the city evaluate the need for a replacement water tower in the area.

Council documents state the city would not be responsible in reimbursing Sprint for any costs associated with the relocation of the tower.

Either party also has the ability to negotiate a new lease on any new water tower that may be constructed to replace the existing downtown water tower.

City staffers have been discussing replacing that water tower for some time due to its age.

The ATSU water tower was constructed in 1954.

Due to new developments such as Hobby Lobby and hotels, there is now a higher demand on the water systems within the city.

Council members also voted to improve fences surrounding the Kirksville Fire Department Training Facility and Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery.

The price-tag for both projects combined totals $74,400.

Staffers say these fences will deter vandalism and restrict access to the general public.

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