Kirksville Council approves new construction project

The Kirksville City Council met Monday night to discuss and approve a variety of topics.

Council members approved a permit for Maxwell's Restaurant. That restaurant plans to use a portion of a city parking lot use as a dumpster and smoker enclosure. The North Water Tower will see some improvements by Ozark Applicators. They will be doing maintenance and painting work on the inside and outside for a price of $184,000. The council also approved a development plan for re-zoning and construction. Lifeline Pregnancy will now be housed at 1515 North New Street. Construction on the project is set to begin this summer.

"Lifeline Pregnancy has been in operation in the community for a number of years and they are now going to be constructing their own facility," said Mari Macomber, Kirksville City Manager.

The Kirksville Council also approved the purchase of a three-point hitch snow blower costing just over $10,000. That snow blower will be used for snow removal at the Regional Airport.

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