Kirksville Council members discuss possible parking code changes

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In addition to attending Monday's State of the City Address, Kirksville City Council members also met in a study session.

In recent months, city staff and the Kirksville Planning and Zoning Commission have been reviewing possible revisions to the parking code.

Now, council had a chance to discuss the topic.

The code focuses on yard requirements, the location of off-street parking and the amount of parking required for residential and mixed-use developments.

City staff say changes need to be made to the parking code because some practices have negatively impacted the community.

Examples include: front yards filled with concrete, poor walkability and pedestrian safety and storm-water management issues.

Kirksville City Planner Chayton True says revising the current code would address those problems.

True says that in addition to talking with planning and zoning, he has also worked with local developers, contractors and realtors to come up with a list of options that would work best in the city.

He adds that the planning and zoning commission will continue the discussion on revisions during a meeting on Wednesday.

Planning and Zoning will then vote to recommend adopting the proposed code changes to city council.

**The following is a tentative list of proposed code revisions as provided in City of Kirksville documents.** No changes to the code will be made until a formal vote is made by council members.**

1. One (1) driveway will be allowed within the front yard setback. Off-street parking will no longer be allowed within the front yard setback.

Exceptions include:

  • A driveway extending from the front property line to at least forty (40) feet beyond the property line to allow multiple cars to park in tandem without blocking the front sidewalk. This only applies to single family and two-family dwellings, where tandem parking is allowed.
  • Driveways leading directly to a garage or other parking area, given that the parking area is not located within the front or side yard setback, where the side setback is fronting a street on a corner lot.
  • Where a lot has no rear access from an alley.

2. A portion (25 feet from the front building line) of the side yard setback on corner lots will no longer be allowed for off-street parking. This area will be reserved for green space.

3. Driveways will have minimum and maximum widths, depending on the lot width and area of the front yard.

  • Minimum Driveway Width: 10 feet.
  • Maximum Driveway Width: 40% of the lot width.
  • Driveways cannot cover more than 40% of the front yard setback or side yard setback on corner lots.
  • Driveways and parking areas in rear setbacks will have no maximum widths.

4. Greenspace must cover at least 60% of the front yard setback. Exceptions include lots that have no alley access.

5. Beginning at the front building line, green space must cover the first 25 feet of a side yard setback on a corner lot.

6. Required parking for new multifamily and mixed-use developments will have minimums and maximums.

  • Minimum: .80 parking spaces per bedroom
  • Maximum: 1 parking space per bedroom

7. In certain circumstances, the undeveloped public right-of-way may be utilized for parking and half the spaces may count toward the development’s parking requirement.

8. Tandem parking may be utilized to achieve parking requirements in single family and two family developments.

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