Kirksville Council votes to amend parking code

Monday night, Kirksville City Council members approved the change with a unanimous vote. (KTVO File)

A vote amending the parking code in Kirksville has finally taken place.

The topic to alter the code has been discussed several times by both the Kirksville Planning and Zoning Commission and city council over the past few months.

Monday night, Kirksville City Council members approved the change with a unanimous vote.

Parts of the code focus on yard requirements and the amount of parking required for residential and mixed-use developments.

According to city documents, one of the changes states newly constructed driveways will have minimum and maximum widths - dependent on the lot width and size of the front yard.

Driveways will cover 40 percent of the front yard setback.

A setback is defined as "a distance from a curb, property line or structure within which buildings are prohibited."

Green space would then be required to cover 60 percent of the front yard.

Kirksville City Planner Chayton True says these changes will benefit the city for years to come as more neighborhoods are developed in the area.

"As we continue to build the community, people will start to notice changes. I think they will look back 10 years and see a difference. I'd say in 10 years they are going to be able to see a difference in the community and how we are building our neighborhoods."

City staff said the changes were necessary because some previous practices had negatively impacted the community.

Examples include:

  • front yards filled with concrete
  • poor walkability
  • pedestrian safety and storm-water management issues

True adds that the amended code will also help re-establish front yards, improve neighborhood aesthetics and reduce and manage storm-water runoff.

For more information on the parking code changes in the City of Kirksville, click here.

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