Kirksville hopes to keep 'Half Cent Transportation Sales Tax'

Kirksville residents will be casting their vote on April 8 to see if the 'Half Cent Transportation Sales Tax' will continue.

The Half Cent Tax is used annually for improvements and repairs to city streets. The tax generates $1.25 million annually to help pay for asphalt overlay, roadway storm drainage improvements and road construction. The city has approximately 120 miles of streets to maintain.

The sales tax has been in place for over 26 years.

Five percent of the tax also goes to support Kirk-Tran and the Kirksville Regional Airport.

Members of the Kirksville City Council will be posting signs on roads that have been improved thanks to the Half Cent Tax.

"So if we don't have that money, we don't have it to spend repairing our streets. So, being it's not an increase in the tax it's just a continuation, I'm hoping that everybody will support that," said Alan Griffiths, Kirksville Public Works Director.

The continuation of the Half Cent Transportation Tax will be on the ballot for the upcoming election. The election will be held on Tuesday, April 8.

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