Kirksville R-III starting full-day summer school program

Kirksville R-III starting full day summer program (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

For the past few years, Kirksville R-III has offered a half day summer school program.

But now that is changing.

Starting this summer, summer school will run for an entire day.

“The full day will allow our kids to obviously get a lot more academic instruction for the day. I think it also benefits our parents because they are not trying to figure out how to get their child from one place to another in the middle of the day," said Assistant Superintendent Tricia Reger.

The first half of the day will focus on core classes like math and reading.

In the afternoon, students will take adventure courses.

“And those are things like Lego lab, and survivor camp. We also have a flight aviation course. So a lot of fun courses that really peak their interest," Reger said.

The program includes transportation and breakfast and lunch.

If students don't miss any days, they could also receive some cash.

“If they attend and have perfect attendance they get a $100 gift card at the end. So that’s a fun thing for them to look forward to," said Reger.

Around 70 percent of students enrolled during the school year are expected to attend school during the summer.

Reger says the program gives students a smooth transition into their next grade level.

“They will go in the grade that they’ll enter in the fall so it gives them a chance, kind of a sneak peak of the building of what the procedures are, the safety procedures, the expectations,” Reger added.

Enrollment starts March 9.

The program runs from May 29 through June 29.

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