Kirksville safety personnel meet to discuss large-scale tornado protocol

Kirksville safety personnel meet to discuss large-scale tornado protocol (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

Natural disasters do not happen everyday, but one Heartland town is making sure they have a plan in place in case a disaster was to happen.

A community school safety meeting was held this week at Kirksville R-III Central Office to discuss the best safety measures to take during a large-scale tornado.

All safety personnel in the City of Kirksville attended, which included representatives from the fire department, sheriff's office, the City of Kirksville, police department, bus services and faculty from Kirksville R-III.

The tabletop exercise involved three main categories.

In order, they were pre-storm notifications, information exchange and management, the event, and lastly evacuation, and re-unification of students and staff.

Participants talked about the roles of law enforcement, the best course of action to keep kids safe during school hours and the best way to inform parents during a weather disaster.

The objective of the event was for participants to improve or change current disaster or tornado protocol.

This meeting is one of three that happen throughout the year.

In the case of a tornado warning, current programming and commercials will be replaced with breaking news and wall to wall weather coverage from KTVO.

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